Vol.30 No.4

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  • Journal of the Microelectronics and Packaging Society
  • Volume 30(3); 2023
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Journal of the Microelectronics and Packaging Society 2023;30(3):83-87. Published online: Nov, 9, 2023

Performance Impact Analysis of Resistance Elements in Field-Effect Transistors Utilizing 2D Channel Materials

  • TaeYeong Hong and Seul Ki Hong
    Seoul National University of Science and Technology, 232 Gongneung-ro, Buk-gu, Seoul 01811
Corresponding author E-mail: skhong@seoultech.ac.kr

In the field of electronics and semiconductor technology, innovative semiconductor material research to replace Si is actively ongoing. However, while research on alternative materials is underway, there is a significant lack of studies regarding the relationship between 2D materials used as channels in transistors, especially parasitic resistance, and RF (radio frequency) applications. This study systematically analyzes the impact on electrical performance with a focus on various transistor structures to address this gap. The research results confirm that access resistance and contact resistance act as major factors contributing to the degradation of semiconductor device performance, particularly when highly scaled down. As the demand for high-frequency RF components continues to grow, establishing guidelines for optimizing component structures and elements to achieve desired RF performance is crucial. This study aims to contribute to this goal by providing structural guidelines that can aid in the design and development of next-generation RF transistors using 2D materials as channels.

Keywords 2D Channel, Field Effect Transistor, RF Device, Analog Device, Access Resistance, Contact Resistance

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